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Monday, May 6, 2013

India: MScFOSS Guest Lecture

  • When: 05.05.2013 during 1800-1900 HRS IST
  • Where: MScFOSS Guest Lecture
  • What: A virtual party in our guest lecture ( basically using BigBlueButton )
  • Provided: A real cake would be there( but you have to come to Delhi to have it :) ) and also some whistles/drums/instruments, with people in different locations....
  • Bring: A headphone with mic, webcam, and flash plugin, just try it out on http://demo.bigbluebutton.org
  • More info: If any Debian Contributor/Supporter wants to speak at this event, please let me know, mail me on parinDOTsharmaATgmailDOTcom, (and login details will be mailed to your id, please do it at least a day before party) 

    It was a Fantastic party organized by my course mate Parin Sharma on 5th May 2013.
    The party started with Cake cutting ceremony by Parin from Delhi(envy him :p). We had this virtual party through BigBlueButton which has audio video sharing capacity where our usual course lectures take place. For more info on our course visit http://cde.annauniv.edu/mscfoss/Background.html.
    Later we had Guest lecture by Praveen A.
    Praveen is involved in the Debian-IN project on Alioth, aimed at
    the maintainance of packages related to support of languages of
    You can find him active on diaspora.
    It was a great day and never knew even a virtual party could be so much fun.