Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vanakkam Chennai


Its my passion to travel, meet people and know about their livelihood. Having a far adjustable attitude, I always get mix up with people of all kinds of nature.

But this time I had to go for a different purpose and not for any FOSS workshop. My first MSc FOSS semesters from 23rd Feb 2013 in Madras Institute of Technology.

We had our flight on 21st feb 2013. We had booked our tickets in a hurry through It was airindia express international flight via Chennai to Singapore. In the morning itself I went to Sayali’s place in IIT Bombay, Vihar house. Sayali and sir had just arrived from Amravati and so they were busy unpacking their bags. By 6.30 pm our mero cab arrived to take us to Andheri Sahar airport. I watched knight and day movie in flight. We reached Chennai by 11 pm. One car was waiting for us. The car was sent by Mr. Umashankar. The lodge where we stayed that night was very filthy. Somehow we managed to sleep that night over there.

22nd:The next day early morning we booked a 'fast track' cab to the lodge where sir and Sayali were to stay.  Because of cauveri water problem and high security that lodge was not allowed for anyone except VIPs. So in short me and Uju were not allowed to stay over there.Knowing so we were completely helpless. Luckily Uju had Mr Sanjiv Kumar Saini’s  contact number too,one of our MSc FOSS faculty in MIT. He immediately informed us about one lodge near college campus. We immediately took an auto to Egmore station from where we caught a train to Chromepet. It was 'saradha guest house' besides Parvati hospital, GST road. It was Rs.600 rent per day. We went with Saini sir to campus to get our hall tickets. I give 9.5/10 for the quality of food served in canteen. We finally went back to our lodge and started studying for our next day exam.Avoid chapatis

in Chennai as they are partially roasted. Eat sambar-rice instead.

I am known as Kini in my course. For the first time we met one another. It was a great feeling to meet course mates with whom we had just interacted online from past 3 months. That day we met Rajesh Kumar , Najumudin and Parin with whom we had a great bonding.

On 25th it was CM Jayalalitha's birthday so every college campus distributes sweets that day. After practicals we enjoyed the ice cream treat by our class mate Parin with Saini sir, Najumudin and Rajesh.

Next day, after exam, Kk sir had an interactive session with our classmates.

On the last day of exam, CN Krishnan head of AU-KBC asked for our queries/complaints regarding papers and course. After practical it was actually decided to have dinner together but it was already very late in the evening. Sir and Sayali had flightthe same day to Hyderabad so they left immediately after paper.  We bought some local snacks and went to our guest house.

We partied the end of semester with Dominoes chicken spicy pizza.

On 28th, we had morning flight at 9.30am. Saini sir himself dropped us one by one on his bike to airport. The horrible part was at airport per print out for e-ticket is Rs 100. The next shocking thing was the staff providing boarding passses told us that we were late and we should have been present prior 45 mins for checking. We began convincing the lady of the urgency for us to get this flight as we didn't have enough bucks to book next flight and the next flight was in the evening. That lady contacted crew member who informed her that due to some technical issue the flight has been delayed and so luckily we could board the flight. Spice jet service is not that good and its a low cost flight. We landed Mumbai at 11.30am.

One thing I learnt from this trip is that people in Chennai are very humble.They always expect people to speak in Tamil but they are even approachable equally. Who doesn't have pride for their own language?
The worst part is that the government has taken very little efforts for tree plantations in chennai adding to the plight of people bearing unbearable heat. You will spend evenings killing just mosquitoes.

There is unity in diversity in our course and it's fun interacting with people from different parts of the country. The faculty is also quite good. So my blog fans,till my next blog, pray for my good results...


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Vanakkam Chennai

                                         Its my passion to travel, meet people and know about their livelihood. Having a far adju...