Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Genymotion, the fastest Android emulator for app testing and presentation

Install Genymotion
Application requirements:
    Oracle VirtualBox >= 4.2.12 (greater is better)
    Ubuntu 12.04

** To download ``Oracle VirtualBox`` visit https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Download Genymotion from this link.

How to install
  #. In a terminal, run the following commands: 
      ``cd <path-to-install-Genymotion folder>``
      ``sudo chmod +x ./genymotion.sh``
  #. It will Launch genymotion and the main window appears.
  #. And immediately, a pop-up appears and invites you to add your first virtual device.
  #. Click the "Yes" button, the creation window appears.
  #. Click the "Connect" button.
  #. Fill the authentication window with your Genymotion Cloud username/email address and password
     **Note: Deafult username is ``aakashabt`` and password is ``aakashtest1``.
  #. Then click the "Connect" button.
  #. Once connected, you will see all the available virtual devices.
  #. Select a virtual device  ``Custom Phone 7 - 4.2.2 - API 17 - 1024x600`` in the list.
  #. click the "Next" button.
  #. Choose a new name for your virtual device and click the "Next" button.
  #. Your virtual device will now be downloaded and deployed.
  #. Click the "Finish" button to close the deployment window.
  #. Click the "Play" button to start your newly created virtual device.

** Important Note **
  #. If you close genymotion and want to use it again then just run following command:
     ``cd <path-to-install-Genymotion folder>``
Thats it...

Android Screen capture:

  1. Download and untar
  2. cd to directory AndroidScreenCapture_1.1 (after untar you will get AndroidScreenCapture_1.1) on terminal
  3. Enable debug mode in device(Settings->Developer Options->USB debugging)
  4. Connect device to laptop
  5. run java -jar AShot-1.1.jar on terminal
  6. For first time it will ask for sdk location (provide it)    

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