Sunday, July 12, 2015

Design your resumes & presentations with LaTeX

LaTeX is a document preparation system and document markup language. It is widely used for the communication and publication of scientific documents in many fields, including mathematics, physics, computer science, statistics, economics, and political science. It can be used to create presentations and innovative resumes as well. IT IS NOT AT ALL TEDIOUS. Here, I will explain you how to create simple presentations and resumes in LaTeX which will look more professional than docx resumes and ppts.

For this we need TexmakerLaTeX editor. 
For Ubuntu install Texmaker with,
sudo apt-get install texmaker

Download the LaTeX-Tutorial from here.
Now you have a folder named LaTeX-Tutorial with pdf files and tex files. pdf files are the output whereas tex files are the code files for LaTeX.
Right-click on Python-Schedule.tex and select open with Texmaker.
This is a code file for creating simple document in LaTeX. I have created a schedule with rows and columns.
The first line documentclass calls built-in beamer class or document style for the document.
We just add the line. \usepackage{package name} to access all the commands, symbols, environments, etc., that are in the package. These steps are common for all LaTeX code files.
After which the actual document text begins. We have inserted colors and captions for the table.
Note: It is necessary to \end whatever you \begin in LaTeX.
Table in Texmaker
This is actual table content shown in the image. Now to get output/reflect changes in output, we need to generate the pdf.
For that, save the file & then goto Tools->PDFLaTeX
This will create some run time files like .aux, .log etc. in your folder which you can delete later.
Note: Never delete .tex file
You will find that a pdf file is also created which has your table. Even if you delete your pdf file, on executing .tex file, you can generate it back again. You can just share the pdf file with your friends. 
This is the method to create simple document file in LaTeX.

Now let us learn how to create a presentation.
In LaTeX-Tutorial folder you will find oop-unittest.tex file. Open the .tex file.

In this file you will find lot of usepackages which are needed to design the beamer template for presentation.
Here we have used frames to indicate per slide. Every frame(slide) has its frametitle and then we are listing down the text which we want to show in the slides. The listing is possible with itemize. Run the file and you will get a presentation pdf as output.

To get more such advanced templates for resumes use

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