Thursday, April 14, 2016

Global Training Day with Blisstering

Blisstering Solutions

The meetup was arranged at Crystal Plaza, Kalina, Mumbai.
I learnt what "Headless Drupal" is, and how RESTful APIs can be coded practically on any existing or new websites.

Said Agenda:
1. Introduction to Headless Drupal
2. Learn about Services and different APIs that are readily available and how custom APIs can be coded.
3. Coding REST APIs for CRUD operations on one of the content types.
4. Build a AngularJS Application consuming these APIs. We will provide a template to start with, in which APIs can be integrated.
5. Build a custom API on top of Drupal and integrating it.
6. Demo of some of the applications build on Headless Drupal.
Who will gain the most from this course?
1. Web Developers; who want to know and experience Headless Drupal.
2. Mobile Developers; who want to code REST API and view Drupal as a backend solution.
3. Solution Architects; who will be able to view Drupal as a complete end-to-end solution from Backend to Mobile and other IoT (Internet of Things).

Minutes of the meetup:

  • Jeykyll, static site generator eg:
  • Tesla Motors website designed in Drupal can trace the location of cars. A perfect example of hardware interaction.
  • In D8 there is no service module.
  • We installed and learnt few drush/Drupal console commands.
  • There is no option to disable modules in D8. Either enable or uninstall.
  • Installing and using HAL module for APIs in D8.
  • DHC REST Client add-on in google Chrome browser for POST and GET http requests with D8 website.
  • For authentication in DHC client, we need to create a user and for POST(contents to website) request we need CSRF token module.
  • Learn MVC structured Angular JS with

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