Sunday, May 20, 2018


3rd August: Madgaon express at 7.45 am. Mostly all Konkan trains have a halt at Thane station. My colleagues Mr. Krishnakant Mane, Mrs. Sayali Mane & Ujwala had boarded from Dadar station. We had a great time basking the scenic beauty and clicking snaps. We reached Sanghameshwar at 2.30pm. A car was already waiting for us to take us to Dr. Rajendra Mane College Of Engineering,Ambav,Devrukh. A very gigantic campus with serene wind. We were given two combined rooms in a girls hostel in the campus. First day of the workshop was as usual Ubuntu all-rounder installation in all the labs.
4th August:The very first day of our 5 days workshop. After a quick breakfast we went to the college auditorium for the inauguration ceremony. Principal Mulgund and Prof.Vishal Parkar were the chief co-coordinators of the workshop. Then our session started as per the assignments, commencing with basics of Ubuntu.
5th August: We taught the students Php basics.
6th August: We taught the students Ajax and Joomla.
7th August: We taught the students Symfony basics.
We went to Mr.Mulgund's bungalow which was in front of the hostel where we were served with tasty aloo parathas and met his cute little daughter Apurva and son Anirudha. Finally we had savory dishes at Parvati Palace Restaurant near Devrukh, the only place where vodafone had network.
8th August: Last day of the workshop when we taught Symfony in a bit more detail. Students were tired but were satisfied and happy with the 5 days they experienced with us. They will soon realize the importance of the workshop as they were last year engg students. All students were co-operative and patient. Some students wanted us to teach Symfony in depth but as we were running short of time we had to teach them only basics. Few of them requested us to visit again for the advanced workshop. Moreover, Mulgund Sir even announced that Sir will be coming in December for android workshop. His zeal towards FOSS impressed us a lot and we too promised to revisit them again.
By learning you will teach;
by teaching you will understand.
Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.  ~Gail Godwin 

Finally after valedictory function we went back to our rooms for a nap. Sharp at 8 pm, we had dinner at the bungalow of the Chairman of the college Mr.Ravindra Mane. We had a lavish non-veg dinner with his family. 
9th August: Early morning as expected an echo van arrived to pick us up. We were accompanied by Principal's son Anirudha, Kshitij, student of the college & photographer. We were heading towards Thoseghar and Kaas waterfall. On the way only we had a light breakfast. What an aesthetic beauty! We literally needed heater in van as we were complete wet and were shivering in breeze. On the way we went to Mr.Mundgund's friend Mr.Nimbalkar who is a Professor in an engineering college. On the way we saw Anand Ingle's shooting set. There was a restaurant whose owner was physically challenged. He deeply wished to have a photograph with Sir and was truly inspired by Sir's lesson in Satyameva Jayate, tv reality show. It was nearly impossible for us to walk through the plantations of nearly 600 species of flowers in Kaas due to heavy rainfall and breeze. So we skipped it. It was nearly 11.30pm when we finally went to a restaurant to have a meal. Of course the hotel was about to close and was left with only cheese sandwich, soups , juices and pulao. We reached our hostel by 1.30am.

10th August: Last day of Konkan trip. Sir and Sayali gave a motivational speech to the college. Then we came back to Sanghameshwar station to catch our train back home.

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